Retaining Bracket – Oil Gauge Pipe

Author: M. Feig with assitance from T. Aczel
This early MGB Bracket rested on the shelf under the heater and its purpose was to prevent the fitting from turning and snapping off the little copper line.  I am unsure of the changeover date but this bracket was eliminated from production when it was determined to be unnecessary. 

Refer to B.M.C. Service Parts List (AKD3227) (11/63) Plate “O” AHH 6938

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARetaining Bracket-Oil guage pipe


Author: B. Cunha

The early MGB MKI equipped with the D type overdrive unit used a firewall mounted, vacuum activated switch as a part of the overdrive system. The switch ran off manifold vacuum to activate the switch at around 7+ inches of mercury.

EDIT – Bruce Cunha has a beautiful webpage that not only provides a pictoral of the vacuum switch but also provides guidance on operation as well as calibration.

The website may be found here:

I (M. Feig) am showing front and back pics from one of my OD Vacuum Switches for illustrative purposes only.

vaccum1 vacuum2



Very early Tonneau Bar and Hardtop Mounting Brackets

Author: A. Henderson
Although Factory Hardtops were available from very early in production, normally painted body colour, the side bracket socket to mount the hardtop did not accomodate this until  car#  11152 in May of 1963.
The photo shows first a pre-May 1963 chrome side bracket, secondly a post-May 1963 bracket and third a 1968 on chrome bracket, without the rear reinforcement.  Cars from 1972 used a painted black bracket similar to the third one shown.
The hardtop is secured using a bolt and washers through the additional hole missing in bracket 1.  These early brackets are not reproduced.

Early Dash Overdrive Switch and Correct Bezel

Author: A. Henderson

The correct overdrive switch for the early MGB is a simple Lucas toggle switch, identical to the ones used for the heater fan.  Cars to # 61016 used this switch.  At that point a change was made to a crooked handle switch.
The early overdrive switch bezel is chrome, with stamped in markings of “normal” drive in blue, and “overdrive” in red.  The same bezel was used on big Healeys.   A later similar brushed alloy bezel with silk screened markings was supplied at some point after 1965.  The later silk screened version is available as a reproduction.  The early bezel is not.


Chrome Insert: Instrument Cowl

Author: A. Henderson

Early MGBs up until May of 1963 production had a very fine chrome insert between the gauge cowl and the dashboard itself. This insert is part of the gauge cowl.  These have never been reproduced and given the small number of cars with this insert, finding one can be difficult.  Photo 1 shows the later cowl used to the end of steel dash production and Photo 2 shows the early one, with the chrome insert used until sometime in May of 1963.