Early Seat Frame Backs

Contributors: R. White/A. Henderson
Early MGBs used staples and wood to secure the upholstery to the seat frames backs.  This was a carryover from MGA production and although unsure of the change over date to half inch clips, car # 8273 still had use of the staples and wood. 

This first picture shows how the wood was secured to the frame:



Here is another view:


This pic illustates how the upholstery was secured to the wood via staples:

Perhaps this is a better pic to show the staples securing the upholstery:

Contrasted with a seat back from a later MKI seat frame back.  Notice the use of the 1/2 round clips:


Lastly is a photo that illustates the style of upholstery used on MKI seat frames be they the early wood and stapled secured type or via the black clips:


Early MGB Footwell and Toeboard Coverings-to CAR# 2600 approx.

Author: A. Henderson

These photos are of what the first of the Bs had in their footwells as far as carpet (none), rubber and vinyl covered hardboards go. 

These apply to the earliest of pull handle cars. This one is an unrestored, scrupulously maintained as original #1105. 

Please note that these apply with respect to the hardboard up to approx. car 2600 or so dependent on interior colour. After that they change to carpeting on the front toeboard and sides of the tunnel.

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