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Early Spare Wheel Clamps

Contributor: F. Navest

In order to secure a spare wheel to the boot floor of the MGB, various design clamps have been designed and applied.


Wire wheels:

The original wire wheel clamp has only been supplied for ’62 cars upto chassis GHN3 / 4514 in December 1962.  It had a cylindrical head, sticking well above the spare wheel. This protruding area caused damage to the luggage.

authentic MGB spare wire wheel clamp

The later design clamp is a simpler design that would cause less damage to luggage.  It has a flat bar across the top protruding to a lesser degree above the spare wheel. 

Later wheel clamp

Standard pierced steel disc wheels:

The spare wheel clamp issued for the standard steel wheels was retained right-up to the introduction of the Rostyle wheels in 1969.

authentic MGB spare disc wheel clamp