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MGB Mk I Towing Provisions.

Contributed by: F. Navest
The very first MGB’s were not provided with towing provisions.

After 368 cars, at chassis number GHN3L/368, the front cross member was fitted with the lashing eye familiar to us all.

It was not until November 1966 at chassis number 107465, that the MGB was considered to be suitable to tow other cars. For that purpose the rear bumper brackets were for the first time fitted with lashing brackets.

A little later in same month, at chassis number 107703, the front bumper brackets were equipped with towing brackets similar to the design of the rear brackets. At the same moment the towing eyes welded to the front cross members were deleted.

Early MGB Mk I front bumper


Contributed by: F. Navest
The first cars built in 1962 were fitted with different design steel front bumper supports. The rubber attachments on the bumper-ends have remained unchanged throughout the years. During all years, each front bumper has four remaining bolt mounting points. Both bolt-holes towards the centre of the bumper generally have the over-riders fitted to the bumper.

The front bumper of these early vehicles are installed to the car-body by means of 4 instead of 2 brackets. Please refer to attached photo which shows the arrangement underneath GHN3L / 137. This bracket arrangement has been traced on cars upto GHN3 / 1957. Should your car have this bracket arrangement we would like to hear from you.

front bumper supports


Early Quarterlights ’63 versus ’66

Author: A. Henderson, pic: M. Feig, change over: Clausager, Original MGB,1994
The ’63 pull handle frame is missing the front stub as opposed to the ’66.  Change occured July ’65 Car #65865 per Clausager, “Original MGB”.
The vent windows up to 71/72 were chrome over brass and then they went to stainless when they switched to Sicursiv from Triplex glass.  Also there was a change in the vent window handle itself from the early hooked one to the paddle type before they went from chrome to stainless. ’66 on the left and ’63 Vent Windows on the right:



Pull Handle MGB Door Part 1-Exterior

Author: A. Henderson
These doors were used on MGBs until approximately Car #57100.  However,  there are some later recorded examples of cars numbered into the 59000s with pull handle doors.  It is likely that the official change point recorded did not include all bodies built, and as there were significant changes to the B posts and doors themselves, earlier bodies which may have been delayed at Pressed Steel may have been completed after the official change point.  #59195 in Iris Blue is 1 example of a later car.
No MGB GTs were factory built with pull handle doors.
The following photos document most of the unique features of a pull handle door.   The pull handle vent window frame will be examined in a subsequent article.
Features identified include: 

Pull handle Outer Handle
Pull handle Rubber Door Buffer
Pull handle Door Lock Cylinder


Most parts to repair the pull handle latches are available as kits from Moss Motors.  Early door lock cylinders using the Wilmot Breeden FP series keys are unavailable.

Early Body Colour Rear Bumper Corner Fillers

Author: A. Henderson
To Car #28264 approx. Jan 64
The first several years of
MGB production used a painted, body colour filler between the corner of the rear
bumper and the body.  This is attached by 4 posidrive blunt head screws into
blind fixes inside the trunk.  The filler is made of steel with an outer
slightly rolled edge.  The filler was painted body colour prior to its assembly
to the body of the car. 
Later MGBs to the end of
chrome bumper production use a slightly smaller in all dimensions bright alloy
filler attached by 3 screws.
These early rear bumper
fillers are NLA new from any known source, but can be successfully made from 18
ga steel with a hammer rolled edge.  Many unknowing owners substitute the later
commonly available bright alloy filler. 
 Pic #1  Early Body colour
 Pic #2  Later bright alloy

Very Early MGB Front Signal/Parking Lamp Lenses

Author: A. Henderson
Early MGBs until the 1967/68 market in the USA and 1966
market in Canada had all clear Lucas signal/parking lamp lenses.  The switch to
amber/partial amber lenses was completed by the 1968 model year.  The 2 bulb
lamp body was replaced completely as was the lense for the 1970 model year
although the new one piece lense shape remained identical to the 1962-69
Very early MGBs had a unique parking lamp lense in that
the flutes on the lense were horizontal, matching the flutes on the signal lamp
part of the lense.  These parking lamp lenses with horizontal flutes are
unavailable from any known source. Replacement lenses with the later, vertical
flutes are available from normal sources either as OE Lucas, or unbranded
 The plastic used in these lenses reacts badly to UV
rays and takes on a white, milky appearance over time.  It is unknown as to the
specific change point from horizontal to vertical fluting on the parking lamp