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MGB Schedule of Repair Times (circa 1962)

Contributed by: A. Henderson

Issued in June, 1962 as the MGB came to North America and the dealerships was the Schedule of Repair times” for dealership warranty work.  This confidential to dealers document makes interesting reading as it gives one a good idea how long the factory believed certain service/repair procedures should take a dealership technician.  Some of the times given seem generous and some rather skimpy.

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Fastener Decoder (Excel File)

Author: M. Feig

In an earlier article, I published the BMC Parts Information Bulletin (May ’64) which lists not only the most common standard parts as well as how to decode them for length, diameter, thread, finish etc. With the Bulletin, you can now take a part such as HZS 0405 and determine that it is a Hexagon Headed screw that has a zinc finish, U.N.F. thread as well as is 5/8″ long and 1/4″ in diameter.
I have taken all of the information from the bulletin and built the necessary tables in Microsoft Excel to do the work for you.  The Bulletin covers bolts, screws, nuts and washers only so that is what the spreadsheet does as well.  Simply open it up, put in the BMC part # and the decoded information will automatically populate for you.  I am using the spreadsheet to identify what fasteners I already have in my restoration as well as what fasteners I need to source.  If I do this for all components (excl Engine) I will essentially have a database of the quantity of fasteners by part # required for my ’63B.  How is that for trivia?
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