Early Body Colour Rear Bumper Corner Fillers

Author: A. Henderson
To Car #28264 approx. Jan 64
The first several years of
MGB production used a painted, body colour filler between the corner of the rear
bumper and the body.  This is attached by 4 posidrive blunt head screws into
blind fixes inside the trunk.  The filler is made of steel with an outer
slightly rolled edge.  The filler was painted body colour prior to its assembly
to the body of the car. 
Later MGBs to the end of
chrome bumper production use a slightly smaller in all dimensions bright alloy
filler attached by 3 screws.
These early rear bumper
fillers are NLA new from any known source, but can be successfully made from 18
ga steel with a hammer rolled edge.  Many unknowing owners substitute the later
commonly available bright alloy filler. 
 Pic #1  Early Body colour
 Pic #2  Later bright alloy

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