Early MGB Identification Tag Appearance and Location

Author: A. Henderson

The early B up until mid-1966? used a body tag and a VIN tag.  The rectangular aluminum alloy serial tag is fastened with 2 posidrive self tapping screws to the right inner fender in front of the radiator and will have a series of digits beginning, on roadsters with GHN3, followed by a series of numbers which are the actual car ID number.  North American left hand drive cars will have a “L” after the 3 and preceding the actual number.  .
The body number tag is screwed to the right inner fender parallel with the carburetors and is held by 2 small slot headed screws.  It begins with MGB….followed by a series of numerals.
Reputedly some cars for some markets may have the VIN number stamped on a tab near the right motor mount on the right frame rail.   This stamped VIN may or may not be present, and when present is often stamped very lightly, making locating and/or reading it quite difficult.
MVC-035S MVC-036S



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