Early MGB Key Fobs

Author: A. Henderson
The Mk 1 MGB was delivered
with leather samples to match the primary interior colour attached to two of the
factory supplied keys, 1 each of the ignition and door keys.  These samples were either black, blue or red.  The
originals have a silver stamped “MG” octagon on one side and “Real English
Leather is Used in this Upholstery ” on the other side.  Some replacement ones I
happened across are accurate as to leather colour but use a gold stamping for
the printing.
It is unknown as to when the
practice of shipping original keys with leather fobs installed was discontinued,
but before the start of Mk 2 MGB production.  It is believed that these fobs
were also shipped with the MGA.
Photo 1:  Unused Replacement
Single Key Leather Fobs
Photo 2:  The original fob in
blue to match the leather used only in iris blue cars
Photo 3:  The stamping on the
reverse side of an original fob.

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