Early MGB Keys

Author: A. Henderson
The earliest of the MGBs used
keys supplied by Wilmot Breeden in the “FP” series as per the MGA.  The keys
were either round headed, or rectangular in body shape.  Ignition locks using
the “FP” series of keys had the key number stamped on the face of the ignition
lock cylinder, and on the latching part of the trunk lock cylinder, and on the
barrel of the door lock cylinders.  Key #s were also clearly stamped on one face
of the key.
Later MGBs   used the Wilmot
Breeden “FS” series of key.  It is possible that some cars may have received
sets of “FS” series keys prior to totally exhausting the supply of “FP” series
keys.  The latest car which I know received “FP” series keys had a car number
of 11,100 approx.  Later MGBs were supplied with “FS” series keys to the end of
production in 1980. “FS” series keys could be round headed, pentagon headed, or
Although it is possible to
key all of the Mk 1 MGB locks to operate with a single key, all were supplied
with 2 different keys of different code, probably so that an ignition key could
be left at a parking or service facility while enabling the driver to lock his
trunk and glovebox.
FP lock cylinders are
extremely difficult to source, as the trunk and door lock cylinders are unique
to the very early MGB. 
There are few sources for
original “FP” keys.
Photo Caption 1:    The 2
variants of the “FP” key
Photo Caption 2:    FP keys
beside the pentagon shaped FS later key.

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