MGB Factory Hood (Bonnet) Marking

Author: A. Henderson
Early MGBs to an unknown point had the last digits of the VIN written on the underside of the engine hood in felt pen, or paint pen.  The hoods were removed as the cars proceeded down the assembly, so the hoods were marked to ensure that they were returned to the correct vehicle near the end of the line.
It is quite unusual to see this marking still in place as most early MGBs have been repainted at least once, or have had their engine hood replaced at some point, losing this unique identifier.
Marking pens used seemed to have been blue on lighter coloured cars, and yellow/white on darker colours.  It is unknown how long this practice continued, but certainly to the mid-60s, as the photo which follows is of one of the last of the pull handle cars in iris blue-  #59195

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