Pull Handle MGB Door Part 1-Exterior

Author: A. Henderson
These doors were used on MGBs until approximately Car #57100.  However,  there are some later recorded examples of cars numbered into the 59000s with pull handle doors.  It is likely that the official change point recorded did not include all bodies built, and as there were significant changes to the B posts and doors themselves, earlier bodies which may have been delayed at Pressed Steel may have been completed after the official change point.  #59195 in Iris Blue is 1 example of a later car.
No MGB GTs were factory built with pull handle doors.
The following photos document most of the unique features of a pull handle door.   The pull handle vent window frame will be examined in a subsequent article.
Features identified include: 

Pull handle Outer Handle
Pull handle Rubber Door Buffer
Pull handle Door Lock Cylinder


Most parts to repair the pull handle latches are available as kits from Moss Motors.  Early door lock cylinders using the Wilmot Breeden FP series keys are unavailable.

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