Very Early MGB Front Signal/Parking Lamp Lenses

Author: A. Henderson
Early MGBs until the 1967/68 market in the USA and 1966
market in Canada had all clear Lucas signal/parking lamp lenses.  The switch to
amber/partial amber lenses was completed by the 1968 model year.  The 2 bulb
lamp body was replaced completely as was the lense for the 1970 model year
although the new one piece lense shape remained identical to the 1962-69
Very early MGBs had a unique parking lamp lense in that
the flutes on the lense were horizontal, matching the flutes on the signal lamp
part of the lense.  These parking lamp lenses with horizontal flutes are
unavailable from any known source. Replacement lenses with the later, vertical
flutes are available from normal sources either as OE Lucas, or unbranded
 The plastic used in these lenses reacts badly to UV
rays and takes on a white, milky appearance over time.  It is unknown as to the
specific change point from horizontal to vertical fluting on the parking lamp

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