Accessory Consoles for the Early MGB

Author: A. Henderson
Interior consoles were a popular item added by some owners to their cars.  They provided a centre armrest, a hidden cubbyhole for items best kept out of sight, and some would say they finished off the interior of the car.
The only 2 correct consoles for early MGBs to the best of my research and knowledge were marketed by AMCO, based in California, makers of accessories for numerous sports cars of the time.  These were available by mail order, and often sold through the parts departments of local MG dealerships as well.
Unfortunately the full length console for the early MGB was a rather fragile affair of injection molded plastic, often cracking in various places likely due to owner abuse.  As well, strong sun tended to bleach the original black colour from them.  Finding a usable one can be quite a quest.  Very occasionally used ones show up on Ebay, and over the past 10 years I have seen perhaps 5 NOS ones sold, usually for a significant price.
The Full Length Console provided: (Photos 1 and 2)  From the rear:  A speaker housing with a chrome bright work grille which could include the speaker if ordered.  Next, an armrest upholstered in black vinyl which opened to a shallow bin suitable for change, keys and other necessities.  A plugged hole suitable for installing a Tasco cigar lighter, and again the lighter unit could be supplied with the console.
Next a cutout suitable for installing the early factory ash receiver with the 4 exposed screw holes.

This console fitted flush to the front speaker housing and butted up to the rear heel board.  It required drilling several small holes and fastening it through the carpeting with self tapping screws.
The second console was a much shorter and simpler affair which fastened to the centre tunnel with 4 screws.  It provided an armrest, a storage area under the armrest and a small recessed bin to the front of the armrest suitable for change.
It left the front portion of the tunnel as per the factory.  This short console is seldom seen, perhaps because the full length one was more popular.
 Clark and Clark has manufactured one which serves the same general purpose but is different in appearance.  These are sold today through Moss Motors.
The early accessory catalogue I have does not list these consoles as factory accessories  It is however interesting to note that the sales literature for the next generation of MGB, the 68-71 actually shows the AMCO console installed in a 1971 MGB GT.

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