Early Seat Frame Backs

Contributors: R. White/A. Henderson
Early MGBs used staples and wood to secure the upholstery to the seat frames backs.  This was a carryover from MGA production and although unsure of the change over date to half inch clips, car # 8273 still had use of the staples and wood. 

This first picture shows how the wood was secured to the frame:



Here is another view:


This pic illustates how the upholstery was secured to the wood via staples:

Perhaps this is a better pic to show the staples securing the upholstery:

Contrasted with a seat back from a later MKI seat frame back.  Notice the use of the 1/2 round clips:


Lastly is a photo that illustates the style of upholstery used on MKI seat frames be they the early wood and stapled secured type or via the black clips:


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