Original Door Seals vs Aftermarket

Author: D. Yates
I, and many others, have had issues with replacement Door Seals.

I bought my ’66 Roadster in ’71 and had not replaced the door seals until recently, so I have assumed the profile of the old seals  (see image attached)  are the “original” profile:- and of relevance to Early Mk I owners.

The design of the replacement seals has changed over time.

Comparing their profiles, it does seem to me that closing the door on the “original” profile would produce a downward force to encourage grip and allow the smaller rubber bulb to wrap around the edge of the door cards,  but this would not be the case with the new design- as much of the rubber is squashed up and over the “furflex”/metalwork. 

The quality of the material used in replacement seals varies considerably but the “new” profile show here does seem to be the standard recommended by suppliers. 

The softer rubber used by some suppliers does make it a little easier to close MGB doors, but even these are not, IMHO, as good as the “original” profile .

I’d welcome any views you or others may have on this topic, notably on the actual profile design of the door seals fitted by the factory.
David Yates, Oxon, UK

Door Seal New Old sml


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